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The owners of Djambo apartments

Bon dia,

After running a hotel in the French Alps for 7 years,  Dick and Liselotte thought is was time to move on to their next adventure. Despite the beauty of the mountains they always have kept dreaming of sun, sea and palm trees. After a vacation on Bonaire their choice was made, this was and will be the island where they want to get old.

For Martin and Ilse one thing was sure. For them Holland was not the place to live for ever. Friends made them enthusiastic for the Caribbean. First they chose Statia until they also went on vacation to Bonaire and fell in love with this beautiful island.

Strenghts were joined and Djambo was born, the most sociable apartments on this Caribbean island.

We love to welcome you and enjoying it to let you enjoy and discover all the beautiful things of Bonaire and of course of Djambo!

Martin & Ilse en Dick & Liselotte